Anti-Bacterial/Virus Film

Coronavirus can survive in air for hours and on surfaces for days.
Virus Busters reduces the risk of infection by preventing bacterial reproduction on various surfaces and products commonly used in daily life.

The core material of Virus Films, Cu+/Zn, is known to eradicate bacteria and virus on contact and suppresses bacterial reproduction.

- Bacteria and viruses survive on surfaces for at least 24 hours
- The films contain copper and zinc, that are scientifically proven to trap and kill 99% of bacteria/viruses, preventing them from forming and reproducing on surfaces
- The virus trapped on the film will not be transmitted to the next person who touches the same surface
- Applied on doorknobs, restrooms, elevator buttons, ATMs, treadmills, etc.
- The virucidal effect on the film is permanent, unless cut, torn, or damaged
- The film does not need to be cleaned or disinfected

Touch Screen Kiosks
  Elevator buttons

Cafeteria Coffee machine buttons
  Fitness center handles and buttons

Main entrance door handles
  Microwave handle and buttons

Credit card machine screen and buttons

  Bathroom and other push doors

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