Carpet, Tiles and Flooring
Floors, walking surfaces and high traffic areas take a beating and can spoil the overall appearance of a professional work place. Moreover, routinely soiled carpets harbor dust, germs and even mold. At Triumph, floors are our expertise. We use a variety of equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure your floors stay in top condition whether they are carpet, tile, stone, marble, cement, wood or vinyl. Our services offer:

   -  For carpets we provide daily maintenance such as vacuum and general cleaning.
      We also provide restoral services such as shampoo and steam to remove the toughest stains.

   -  For vinyl and tile flooring we mop daily, as well as strip, wax and buff on a regular basis.

   -  For wood, stone and marble surfaces we sweep and mop as well as polish to ensure a high-shine professional look.

   -  Triumph also provides heavy duty cleaning options for cement flooring.
       We can chemically strip, steam and pressure wash to remove dirt, grit, grease and industrial grime.

   -  For flooring and walls containing grout work such as locker rooms and fitness areas we provide a combination of
      pressure washing and anti-fungal/anti-mildew treatments. This includes stone and grout sanitizing and color restoration.

Triumph Building Maintenance
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