Maintenance Services
At Triumph our mission is to provide quality maintenance services; the kinds of cleaning you require helping your business maintain that professional, spotless work environment. We are more successful than other businesses because we work hard being dependable; providing you the same high-quality services day-in and day-out. One element we pride ourselves on is being flexible. We intentionally build flexibility into our management.

We keep an eye on your needs and prepare to surge to meet your changing needs.

Client Supplies.?
We use only the best cleaning supplies. We manage client use items so you are free to do other things.
Some examples include: toilet tissue, sanitary napkins, air fresheners, paper towels, hand soap and associated dispensers and hand dryers.

Cleaning supplies.
We use various commercial-grade cleaners to fit your need, whether that is green cleaning or other. These include bleach, wood polish, floor cleaning solution, wax, vinegar, window cleaner, brillo pads, baking soda, dish soap, sanitizing wipes microfiber cloths, citrus cleaners and various sizes of plastic trash can liners.
We also provide specialty items such as mold and mildew cleaners, insecticides, envirocide cleaners, degreasers and heavy duty strippers. surface disinfectant/decontaminant

Triumph provides the full line of cleaning equipment: mops, brooms, dusters, janitor carts, vacuums, buffers, shampoo equipment, pressure washers, steamers and mechanized scrubber sweepers.

Triumph Building Maintenance
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